Posey L ake Sewer Payments

Hudson Township has asked us to post the new mailing address for sewer payments.

The new address is:

Hudson Township Treasurer

c/o Sue Jacobs

13986 W. Beecher Rd

Hudson, MI 49247

Spring 2014 Newsletter

(A full copy is now listed under the newsletter tab)

The spring newsletter will be mailed out in the next couple of weeks. The board is of the opinion that everyone at this point has access to a computer or smart phone and we are going to move toward that medium for communication to all the homeowners on the lake. If you do not have access please let us know when you retuirn your dues or the fireworks donation that you will need a paper copy of the newsletter sent to you in the future. Also please update us with an e-mail address for the main contact/s for your home. We will not release our mailing address but this would be helpful in getting all information out to anyone on the lake in case of an emergency.

Run Posey 2014

Please see the Run Posey tab above for a link to the application form for this years run. The run is on Saturday  July 5th at 9 am starting at the west end of the lake as usual.

New Hudson Township

Zoning Ordinance

I would like to thank Rick Evans, Sam Rupp, Joan and Ken Newbury for thier time over the last 18-24 months to attend the meetings that were held for the Hudson Township Zoning Ordinance Revision Committee. I would also like to thank Monty Adkins for his work on the committee itself. These people sat thru many hours of meetings to work with Hudson Township on a new zoning ordiance. The revisions are complete and there is more information on this under the meeting info tab above. I highly recommend that you read this. There will be a public meeting on this ordinance on May 5th at 7 pm at the Hudson Township Hall on M-34. I believe we did a great job in protecting life as we know it around Posey Lake.

The board would like to remind cottage owners that they are responsible for the actions of family members and all guests while on Posey Lake. Responsible behavior is courtesy to your neighbors and others while boating and jet skiing. We would also remind everone that they should review all the applicable boating laws for inland lakes and streams on a yearly basis to make sure they know the current laws and regulation. The overall riding issue here is water safety and courtesy to all on the lake. Please help us keep Posey Lake a safe lake