Lake Access

The Outlot "A" Association at the east end of the lake off Rolling Meadows would like to remind cottage owners that their access to the lake is private and not available for use to remove boats from the lake with out permission of the association.

Petitions for Weeds

ARE AVAILABLE NOW contact president@poseylake.org to get yours TODAY. We also need volunteers to circulate around the lake. Please volunteer to help us get these weeds under control

Important notice

As there has been for the last several years there is a very bad case of weed infestation in the lake and it is getting larger every year. We had many e-mails from cottage owners over and after the Memorial Day weekend.The board has been working hard on a program to address this very important issue to homeowners. The board met with the Lenawee Country Drain Commission and we will have important information to share at the PLHA Annual meeting on July 23 at 10:00 am. The meeting will be held on the front yard of Newbury's home on Posey Lake highway. 


WE had also added a tab at the top to see all the latest on the weed issue at the top in the navigation bar!

Goose Update
We have completed the Nest Destruction phase of our Canada Geese containment program. During 2 collection periods we were been able to collect 241 eggs out of 56 nests. Percentage wise this means we have eliminated approximately 120 additional geese on the lake this summer. Odds are 50% of all eggs laid by female geese actually hatch and feather out.

We are schedule for Phase 2 which is goose removal during molting. This will happen on June 20th at 10 am. We need volunteers with pontoons and jet ski's to heard the geese to the holding pen at the east end of the lake. Please e-mail president@poseylake.org if you can volunteer and assist us in this important endeavor to keep the lake clean.

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Fireworks 2016

Saturday July 2nd at Dusk. 

Raindate Sunday July 3rd.


COMMITTEE along with volunteers to help. Please send an e-mail to


We need 4 strong young men on either 6/27 or 28 to get shooting racks over to the island and then to on 7/5 or 7/6 to get them back to the mainland. Two hours work each way. We will reimburse each individual for there time. Send email to President@poseylake.org if your interested in making some money!!


Water levels and no wake zones

We would like to remind the lake that when there are heavy rains and the water gets high as it has done several times this summer that Michigan law calls for no wake zones until water returns to normal lake levels. We have had several owners complaining about damage to their yards when boats are producing wakes when the water is high. Please respect your neighbors property as much as yours.


NEW Zoning Ordinance is now in effect

The almost 30 month process for a review of zoning and building codes for properties on and around the lake has been completed and voted in by the township supervisors and is now  the legal document for the township. The Township supervisor are going to enforce the new codes and have strongly suggested that any remodeling or rebuild work have proper permits and that if you have any questions regarding what you plan to do that your talk with them in advance of your starting to do work. 

A sad commentary

Please read the below letter from a lake homeowner on dumping in the lake:

On Monday June 30, 2014 we watched from the northeast shore of Posey Lake as a pontoon boat from Shady Lane stopped approx 200 yards from the north and east shorelines.The pontoon had hanging from its front end two bundles of cut weeds each approx 3 feet in diameter. We watched in disbelief as the bundles contents were dumped into the water.The pontoon then returned to a dock on Shady Lane.This scene was witnessed by several neighbors. We discussed why a Posey Lake neighbor would do such a thing. Were they thinking the cut weeds would provide shelter for fish? Or were they thinking the weeds would sink to the bottom never to be seen again?

Regardless of their thinking, approx 4 hours later I removed from my shore two wheel barrows full of freshly cut lake weeds. If my neighbor was just trying to save themselves some labor, they were successful in that the labor was transferred to a 72 year old neighbor with a bad back, bad knee, and chronic tendinitis in the right shoulder.

Mike, due to health and attending three recent funerals I was delayed in getting this info to you sooner so the topic could be put on the meeting agenda so that neighbors could all be informed that cut lake weeds eventually drift to shore as decided by the prevailing winds and water movement. They do not sink harmlessly to the bottom. Perhaps you could post this info on the Posey Lake website to increase the knowledge of all our Posey Lake community. 
Thank you.  
John Stier 

 We would like to remind cottage owners that they are responsible for the actions of family members and all guests while on Posey Lake. Responsible behavior is courtesy to your neighbors and others while boating and jet skiing. We would also remind everyone that they should review all the applicable boating laws for inland lakes and streams on a yearly basis to make sure they know the current laws and regulation. The overall riding issue here is water safety and courtesy to all on the lake. Please help us keep Posey Lake a safe lake